Profile and Bio


As you will no doubt have observed from the very large print on my home page, my name is Clive Barry. yes that’s me up there,  Clive Owen Barry if you want my full Sunday (YOU’RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE) title.

born in the coastal seaside town of Scarborough, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, on the 24th of June 1951. living all of my adult life in and around the North east of England.

Earlier years as a small child saw my family immigrating to Ontario, Canada, where I was to spend the first fourteen years of my life. being educated back and forth in both countries, on both sides of the pond.

Later i returned home with my mother to our original roots in the north east where I still reside up in the Northumberland countryside with my wonderful wife, together with the two youngest children and a couple of EXTREMELY yappy Yorkshire terriers.

The family has grown considerably OVER THE YEARS, resulting in a combined total of eight children and at the last count, I’m told we have something like  fourteen grand children, with another two on their way this year (2019). I can just about name them all on a good day, but only if the little darlings stand still long enough WITHOUT fidgeting.

my initial working life started as an apprentice carpenter to the once prospering British ship building industry, but since the mid eighties I became involved as a SUPERINTENDENT Consultant to the Petrochemical and Marine industry, Contracted to the many major oil traders as their attending representative with the remit of ensuring both commercial and safety requirements were adhered to in their transportation of crude oil and petrochemical products around the world.

As a result of this, I am what might be considered by those who know me  as 'well travelled', something the likes of an old leather suitcase. personally I much prefer to think of myself as more 'refined ', a bit more like that mellow, vintage port that one might enjoy together with cheese and crackers after a fine meal, but that's just me being overly sensitive.

What I have gleaned throughout this varied life, long career and many years of travel, is a good knowledge and insight into life from another man's perspective. over those years of travelling, I managed to attain invaluable communication skills with all those wonderful individuals with  whom I've had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting and working alongside, even though in most cases English might not have been their first language.

Writing HAS BEEN A WAY OF LIFE to me for well over forty years now. reporting extensively on the events which took place for and on behalf of the clients I represented,writing somewhere in excess of four million words throughout that long period of my life. not only reporting but I managed to have several publications of a technical format submitted and accepted on behalf of those prominent clients, .

now having stepped away from all of those previous industries I’ve finally found myself in a position to devote my future to writing fiction. to allow myself the freedom OF putTING down on paper, that which I enjoy most and of being able to tell just plain old stories, whilst OCCASIONALLY sayING those things which I feel sometimes should be said.

 I believe I own what is construed as a good sense of humour, at least it seems to have stood me in good stead and been of some benefit over many a diplomatic dispute. I have a practical mind and finally, possibly even more BENEFICIAL than all the rest put together (at least to my wife that is), I have been known to be a reasonably good cook, even cleaning up as I go along.

All of the above, together with an imaginative and what I like to consider an open philosophical approach to life, has kept me if not ahead of the game, then at the very least, on par with my many contemporaries. 

My Personal Philosophy

In a modern society we must strive to be happy, but never at the expense of those around us, and whilst doing so , attempt to bring with us an element of courtesy, empathy and kindness into the lives of those we might encounter along the way. We should protect those that seek help, who may be weaker, more vulnerable or less able to fend for themselves and live by a code of ethics, whilst not encroaching or forcing our own personal moralities.

We should understand that every human being has the right to be who or whatever it is they wish, irrespective of their colour, creed, ethnicity or sexuality and all without the fear of recrimination. Further, we have the right to a freedom of thought, to be expressed either verbally or by the written word, in so much as it does not instigate hatred or physical harm and let it be without the reprisal or reproach from individuals, groups, or authority.

As members of a law abiding, free thinking world, we all have the right to open expression. What should not be permitted is the capacity to force our personal ideologies and actions onto others. In a modern society, it is unacceptable for anyone to be forced into acknowledging or tolerating beliefs or thoughts they might personally disagree upon or find offensive, without first being granted the right to reply, CRITICISE or question.



A proud member of the Society of Authors.